New Message Board!

YAY! BlueMedia has started a message board for discussion about calls, contests, idea books, and upcomging events all in ONE PLACE! Hooray! Here is the link:

BlueMedia Forum


BlueMedia Launches New Site!

BlueMedia has launched a new website, with all the information you want in one spot!

See the cover of the NEW Scrapbooking: Styles Defined book!

Join Blue in the Forums and chat, share, ask questions, and enjoy contests and calls!

Check it out! BlueMedia Site


November Blueprint Calls

It's time again for a new Blueprint! YAY! This month, you get TWO! Double YAY!

Please note that ALL themes and subjects will be accepted. Just because it's November, doesn't mean it has to be fall, Thanksgiving, or Christmas related.

I'll post a brand new Blueprint once a month for you to interpret as you choose. Use the Blueprint, then send your pages to BlueMedia for their next Layout Blueprints book! Missed the first one? You can get it here: Layout Blueprints

For your convenience, I've made both a 12x12 and an 8x11 version of the Blueprints. Enjoy!

Mail your entries to :


Please make sure the files are no larger than 100Kb each so that they will be considered for publication. And mark your subject with "November Blueprint Challenge" so that they'll know to open it right away. If you'd like some tips directly from BlueMedia on submitting great layouts, check the "Publisher's Perspective" series on their blog at layoutblueprints.blogspot.com.

This call/challenge ends November 30th. Be sure to have your UNSEEN layouts in to BlueMedia by then! Good luck!