Finally an update...

My goodness. It HAS been a long time. And apparently more people watch this blog than I knew, because I keep getting emails reminding me to update with baby pics. :)

So... I've been a little busy the past few months. :)

Wyatt Ernest Elkins arrived a week early, born June 5. He weighed 6lbs 7oz and and measured 20 inches long. All the right numbers of parts in all the right places. A perfect baby boy.

And boy, you could have knocked me over with a feather when the doctor said "it's a boy!" I almost fell off the table! I thought for sure I was having a girl. Well... so much for that theory! haha! I actually said to the doctor, "really?? Let me see!" haha.

Anyway, it was a VERY fast delivery. We didn't have enough time once we got to the hospital to call anyone, so nobody was in the waiting room to announce his birth to. But as soon as I released his hands, my husband was on the phone to everyone we know. A proud daddy.

Here's a link to my Photobucket albums with photos.

First Day photos: HERE

Other photos: HERE

His most recent proud moment:

An update on the house expansion:

My husband hardly believed me when I told him it was baby time. It was a week early, no drywall had been put up, and things were just not ready - including my husband. "But it's not the 12th yet!" "Try telling the baby that!" hahaha!

So, Wyatt was born before the drywall was installed - which was a mess. And Wyatt, my mom, and I ended up in a hotel for a few nights while the dust settled (literally). It was a rocky first week for sure. But the drywall got hung, and painted, and eventually carpet got installed. Most of the electricity is done, the bathtub is the only working element in the new bathroom (and I'm wholly thankful for even that).

It was not until 2 weeks later that my mom was able to move into "her room", but she didn't complain, and was happy to have her own bed.

It's still in progress and coming along slowly. Things take longer when you're working during the day, driving in traffic, then want to spend time with the baby before starting work on the house again. So my husband is making smaller strides on the progress now, but is still progressing.

I'm just happy to have my new scraproom, and a baby nursery. Things are good.


The Great Home Expansion

We've been deep in a home remodel and expansion for months now, in anticipation of the baby's arrival. With the arrival date looming, work is progressing quickly and my poor husband is working himself stupid to try and get things buttoned up before baby arrives.

The first phase of the project was getting a floor laid for the expansion. We had planned to build a second floor over the bar and workshop areas, only part of which had an existing second floor, with minimal head clearance. So after the floor was laid, we would need to raise the roof. Literally cut the roof off the house, raise it 4 feet, and fill in the open sides with walls. Easy right? HA!

This is an animation I created of the actual roof raising. It was quite an endeavor, but went very smoothly, and with no injuries to the work crew, which was important to us obviously.

The interior now has walls, a bathtub, plumbing, and electrical. All that's left now is the insulation, drywall, and fixtures. Well... and flooring of course, but that's not essential yet.

I was hoping to see the drywall contractors tomorrow, but now it sounds like they won't be able to come til the end of the week. Nothing like waiting until the last possible minute. The idea was to finish at least the back bedroom so that we'd have a space for my folks to stay when they arrive on the 7th (next weekend), but with the drywallers not arriving until then, it's a slim chance in you-know-where. Oh well... at least there's visible progress, and soon I'll have a baby room.


Layout Blueprints 2 NOW SHIPPING!

It's finally here! And it's GORGEOUS! (if I do say so myself) Here's the post from the BlueMedia blog:

Layout Blueprints 2 has arrived in our warehouse!

We are now shipping Layout Blueprints 2. If you placed a pre-order, be assured that pre-orders have begun shipping and you will soon see your copy.

If you haven't placed your order yet, you'd better get it in. This is a limited print run. Hurry and get your order in today! Don't miss your opportunity!


If you like sketches, page maps, and Blueprints, this is the book for you! And don't forget the first book, too!


Trying to avoid bedrest

Well good grief anyway...

Tuesday afternoon at work I started having cramps. I tried to ignore it and figured it would go away. Then back pain. Then serious pressure... Time to leave work. Things got worse in the car and I was stuck in terrible traffic. This had been going on for over 2 hours. Called the doc, and they told me to get to the hospital ASAP. (I'm 31 weeks, yikes.) Well, by the time I got to the hospital everything had calmed down. But they still monitored me until the small contractions on the monitor stopped.

So... I was put on bedrest for 24 hours. No action during that time, so I'm back to regular life thank goodness! But I've cut back my hours at work, and will not be lifting anything over 10 lbs from here on out.

Dang. It's gonna be really hard to slow down...


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Baby Update

Well, baby is VERY active and obviously training to be the next Olympic gold medal gymnast. We are officially 3 months away now, and I'm feeling very anxious. In many ways.

I've started clearing out my scrap room (GASP) so I can start making the transformation from scrap room to baby room. It's not easy, since I don't yet have a new scrap room, but my husband's constant promises of a new - LARGE - scraproom with a view have kept me motivated. :) Meanwhile, I took down my "inspiration board" so that I could paint the mural I've had in my head for months.

With no room to really decorate, my creativity has been stifled a bit, but my shopping instinct has kicked in - BIG TIME. I hit IKEA for the first time (Gasp again) and found some cute buys there. Hard to find anything in my colors, because everything is so bright and primary. My colors are soft yellow and green. We're keeping it neutral since we've decided (OK, so my husband really decided) not to find out the gender. Besides, the frugal side of me figures we can reuse everything for kid #2. Anyway... I almost completely outfitted the room as far as linens. I bought a crib bumper, crib sheets, crib duvee cover, pillows, curtains, and a darling canopy that DH says is too feminine. It's white sheer with stitched green lines and green leaves. How is that too feminine? It's baby. Period. :)

So, after IKEA, I hit Babies R Us and finally special ordered the glider rocker and ottomon that I've been wanting since we first found out I was pregnant. It's large enough for my husband to actually rest his head, and cushy enough that I'll probably catch many a Z in it myself. I special ordered it in white wood finish with a fabulous green cushion cover. I'm so stoked that they had a matching color.


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