A New Freebie!

Things have been SOOO busy for me lately, but I've managed to come up with a pretty little paper kit for you. Very soft and subtle aged papers with hints of India. Batiked papers and patterned papers. These would be great for beach layouts.

You can see more of my kits and freebies at DigiDiner.

You can download the kit


What Some People Would Do...

For a clean windsheild.

So, I'm driving to work yesterday morning, minding my Ps and Qs, when from out of nowhere I'm struck. A bang like a gunshot and glass shards fly all over me. I thought I had been shot! A quick check of my surroundings, and a check for blood indicated that was not the case. A huge rock had hit my windsheild, and actually come THROUGH the glass! The windshield was destroyed. It looked like it had been a stunt car in a shoot-em-up movie. My poor car.

And, here I am, coated in sharp little glass shards. What do I do? Well, I really wanted to just pull over and compose myself, but I was afraid that if I adjusted my position, or got out of the car, I'd be sitting on little glass shards. So I just continued on my way to work, heart pounding a hole in my chest.

When I got to work, I carefully got out of the car and vaccuumed myself off, then the car, and called the insurance company. I found someone to replace my windshield same day.

So... now I have a beautiful sparkling clean windshield! And the rest of my car looks SO dirty. hahaha


Happy Dancing!

I'm so excited! My little brother (not so "little" anymore since he has about 8 inches on me) got a job in Portland, and will be moving here in three weeks! I'm just so thrilled I could pee. (gross, I know, but if you knew me you'd know I'm just like a cocker spaniel.)

He's transferring within his company, so that will help him make a smoother transition. He has a few friends here already, and of course his adoring sister and one of his best buds, my hubby.

All you Portland area ladies, fair warning, he's an absolute doll and a lady killer. (who would kill me if he saw I had posted this silly photo of him) This was at Christmas during our "silly headgear required" Christmas Eve celebration. (see Dec 2006 post for a description and rules for this fun annual event)

I just can't even describe how incredibly stoked I am to have this kid close by. We are so close, and aside from my hubby, he's my best friend. Just love love love this guy.

Is Scrapbooking "Life Art"?

It's a fairly new term being used throughout the industry, "Life Art". What is it? Is it simply the expression of life through the use of paper, photos, and writing? Is it merely a record-keeping of ones life in a somewhat artistic fashion? We haven't really defined it yet, have we?

Some days I feel more artistic than others. Lately... not so much. I guess I go through stages. I'm sure many of you do, too. Right now I'm in the "I don't have time" stage. It's sad really. I want so badly to take the time to really sink into that wonderful scrapbooking bliss that seems so rare these days, but I seldom can find the time and inspiration to do so.

Lately, my work feels forced. And I'm feeling stifled by things I "have" to do and not being able to do what I "want" to do. Not that it's bad to have assignments, but it's not always what I want.

So, back to my question "What is Life Art"? For me, that changes I guess. Right now, it's simply the record of my life on paper. But I'm working to change that. I'm hoping to free up some time (ha!) so that I can just sit and "go Zen" with all my tools and supplies. Use anything I want. Play any way I want. And just feel inspired to get my stories down in an artistic way that expresses my inner art.


Sad News: Update

This man was the first from my small hometown to be killed in Iraq. (A stroke of luck for my town) I'm impressed with the tribute they are making for him. The city has gathered volunteers to hold flags all along the funeral route as a salute. It will be covered in the local newspapers, and by the local news stations.

What I want to know is, why aren't we seeing these things on the news? Why are our fallen soldiers not given, at the very least, a moment of silence (Like the Newshour with Jim Lehrer does) at the end of the news program? Why don't we see the funerals, or the caskets draped in flags? Is it because seeing that every time we lost a soldier would make the occupation real to us? I wonder.


Sad News from Iraq

This week I was delivered some sad news. An old friend of mine was killed in Iraq. He and his unit were on a patrol when they were confronted by a group of Iraqis. When communications started breaking down, the Iraqis fled. He pursued and tackled one of the men, at which time the man detonated a suicide bomb strapped to his chest. It killed them both instantly. The army, and the men who were with him, believe that he saved the other soldiers' lives by taking down the man with the bomb. The other soldiers opened fire and chased the other Iraqis off.

He was 31, with an 11 year old son.

It makes me question - even more than usual - what we're doing in a country where they don't want our help. Why are we senselessly wasting lives, both American and Iraqi, in this occupation? What is our goal there? And have we really accomplished anything? When we look back in history, years from now, will we be able to say "It was all worth it"? Somehow, I doubt it.

Anymore it's not so much about whether you're "for" or "against" it. I'm just "for" getting our troops home safe. All of them.

God bless those who are still there.