Watercolor Flowers Freebie

Aren't these just darling? What a great way to add a splash of color to your pages! Let me know what you think. If you like these, I may make more.

Get them HERE

New Kits and Embellishments

Boy I'm just bouncing all over the place lately. Seems I'm going from one extreme to another. After that crazy retro-style surf themed kit, I jumped headlong into a more formal, antiqued, Victorian style kit. Who knows what I'll be up to next! :)

I think this kit turned out beautifully. The colors are so rich and the patterns are wonderful. It's got a rich romantic, almost baroque feel to it. It's available in the store now, so get it while it's 30% off! Just one day left!


And I've added a grungy flourished labels set with 4 new rub-on labels in black and white.


Animal Tails: A Cat in a Cone

Had a minor tragedy last week. I had to take my fur-kid (Buck) to the vet Thursday morning because he's been fighting with the neighbor cat, and had a huge abscess that burst Wednesday night (boy was THAT fun). -- I told him if he kept fighting with the neighbor "kid" he'd end up at the vet, but did he listen?? -- So, I got him home after work all drugged up, with a cone on his head (OK, so it was hilarious, but I had to TRY not to laugh at him... out loud.).

I left for a concert (Marc Broussard and Toby Lightman. FABULOUS!), and hubby hadn't gotten home yet. He was leaving that night for an overnight hike. I got home at 11:30. No Buck. I looked everywhere in the house. Had my neglectful husband let my drugged-out-cone-for-a-head cat out of the house!?!? Yep.

So I searched for over an hour for him, and was totally distraught. I thought he probably wandered off in his drug-induced state and gotten lost or stuck somewhere in his cone. I thought I'd lost him. I changed for bed and decided to try one last time. So I threw on a robe and went outside. After a few minutes I heard a rustling. There was Buck, moving as slow as molasses doing the get-this-off-my-head march. I was so relieved I cried. Boy, I don't know what I would have done if I had lost him. I've gotten so attached to the little rascal. Well, just look at how adorable (and hilarious I might add) he is, even in his cone.

And this, I think, is why he took so long coming home. He'd get the cone caught on something and just stop. Like it would release him if he just waited long enough.


Insta-Cards Digital Freebie!

Hey, these are super cool! Have you ever found yourself in a bind for a quick card? I know I have! On my way out the door to a party that DH forgot to tell me about, for a family member I don't know, who's birthday it is, and we're late as usual. Hm. Need a quick card. Well, here's the easiest solution yet!

The card faces are already done. Just add one of the pre-made greetings or embellies, print, cut and paste onto a card! There's even greetings for the inside! How easy is that?! (OK, so I'm just SOOOO tickled with myself over this...)

Link to freebie page: HERE

Here's a couple of samples using the cardfaces and a couple of the greetings in the kit. So quick it's almost like cheating!


Surf City, Here We Come!

Oh boy, did I have a blast doing these papers! This is not my usual style, but I sure had a good time playing with these. And I think they turned out great, if I do say so myself. :)

Don't forget... Everything at DigiDiner is 30% off!

The word art is awesome! This kit would be a great hybrid kit for just the word art and the surfboards alone. Print them and cut out, or add to your photos before printing. They're totally Rad! (OK, I couldn't resist the 80's surfer speak)

Get the kit HERE

There are 20 sheets of wonderfully retro patterned paper, with an updated feel and 4 textured solids to match. Totally sweet! ;)


Southern Oregon Scrapbook Expo

October 13-14, 2007

Fun crops, lots of shopping, and ME! :) I'll be there at the BlueMedia sponsored booth to meet and greet and answer questions about "Layout Blueprints".

Come join us!

Details are at their blog: SOExpo


Another new Kit, a SALE, and a FREEBIE!

I'm feeling so energized and inspired lately! I have so many ideas running through my head that I can hardly get them down fast enough. Then I'll start working on one idea, and that leads to something totally new, and I'll have to get to work on that before it's gone. I feel like I have scrap ADD. It's exhillerating and at the same time very frustrating because I can't work as fast as the ideas are coming.

So, here is a result of the idea flow from last week. A cute, simple, very graphic kit with some awesome embellies, including lots of felt (SO cute!) and some great embellished tags.

You can get the kit HERE at 30% off.

I have made my favortie embellished quote tag from the kit available for free. It's stitched, layered, with a felt letter and a great quote about Happiness.

You can get it, and the other freebies, HERE.

The best news is, EVERYTHING IS ON SALE! To celebrate the beautiful new storefront (after months of work and revision) Everything in the store is 30% OFF! For the entire month of August. Visit the store today! DigiDiner