A Recent Digi Page

Just wanted to share a recent page that I LOVE.

This is a photo I took at a friend's wedding last summer. The colors were so pretty. A detailed list of supplies can be found in my gallery.


Digital Fusion

I've been bitten by the bug! Yes, I have all the classic symptoms; wide reddened eyes from staring at the computer screen, enlarged mouse finger from clicking downloads incessantly, frequent mutterings of digi paper organization, and the obsessed crazed look of a woman in constant pursuit of pretty papers. I'm an aspiring digital scrapper.

I've been drawn to it for a while now, but discouraged so many times by feeling limited. But now, I've learned some new tricks, and downloaded a plethora of digi kits and am feeling more liberated. It appeals to the collector/organizer in me. I download stuff - instant gratification - I add it to my collection - collecting - and then I get to categorize, organize, and drool over it. Not to mention that you only get a little sneak preview of what is in this little package called a "zip file" which makes it seem more like a present when you finally open it and view the contents in their entirety. And I LOOOVE presents.

So I've been loving this new found pleasure. I've created several digital layouts this week. I am loving the whole new world of designer goodies that has opened to me. No more of the same ol' same ol'. And the best part is, I can get a lot of it for free. None of it ever gets used up either. It really appeals to my frugal side as well.

The best thing about all of this is that I am being inspired by things I never noticed before, and it's translating to my paper scrapping as well. I'm seeing things just a little bit different that I have before, and noticing details that I may not have noticed in the past. I'm able to see things a little clearer (not literally of course, I need to see my eye doctor about that!). In working on a few projects last night, I was completely inspired by a few things I noticed - minute little details I might add - in a fashion magazine {I never understood why my mother-in-law insisted I needed it. A subtle hint perhaps? But now I'm thankful} Ideas flowed, and I literally could not scrap fast enough. I finished 6 projects last night! {Those that know me know I'm a notoriously pokey scrapper. I spend hours, days even, on one page alone. For me to get 6 projects done in a weekend is a real feat.}

I guess it's true that learning something new can open your eyes in other areas of your life. I just never suspected this revelation in my scrapbooking would come simply from delving into another realm of it. I've found my muse and it came in the form of digital fusion.


It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like


I've got my house all decorated. Most of my presents are wrapped. And soon we'll be on our way to Montana for Christmas. Hooray!

I just love the snow. Especially on Christmas. It wasn't that long ago that I left it because I was tired of it. But now, I miss it and I love it. Of course, that's probably because I left it, but oh well.

I'm looking forward to cozy evenings with the family gathered in the living room around the "Vegas Tree" as it's come to be known for the number of bright lights. The annual Christmas party will be the day we arrive and promises to be as big and fun as ever. We'll have enough food left over from the party and my mother's tendency to over do it, to last all six of us through the following week. And she won't stop there! No sireee. She'll make a beautiful Christmas Eve dinner where we'll sit and talk and sip wine. Then we'll load up the 4-wheel drive family sleigh and hit the streets to see all the pretty lights. Silly headgear* is required for this trip. No one is admitted without it.

Upon our return home, exhausted from laughing and dazed from all the light seeing, we will open just one present of our choosing. The choosing of the present is an art in itself. When my brother and I were young, and had time to be home alone with the presents, we would scope them out, guessing, shaking, and fondling each package. By Christmas Eve we knew good and well which one had us the most curious, and therefore, which one we would open that night.

It's my favorite time of the year. There's no doubt about it. And Christmas Eve is my very favorite part of it because of all the fun traditions we've developed over the years, and the great memories that go along with them.

*Silly headgear; (n) an object, usually a hat or headband, worn on the head that is so ridiculous or silly that you cannot possibly take one seriously while wearing it, nor be serious yourself. Christmas silly headgear should either flash, blink, jingle, or at the very least, look utterly ridiculous.


Take a Break

This month, I'm taking a break, and in turn, giving all of you a break. There's enough stress this time of year without thinking about getting a layout in for consideration. I won't be calling for a new Blueprint this month.

So watch for big things to come in January! *wink wink*

Happy Holidays!