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Happy Holidays!


Grandma update...

Thank you all for your kind words. You're a bunch of sweethearts. It means so much to have your support.

Grandma is getting settled into her new place, and has made it quite homey I'm told. Which doesn't surprise me a bit. She's getting good at giving directions and asking for help (some might say bossy. LOL). The good news is, she doing very well, and is stronger than any of us, her doctors, and even she gave her credit for. She's really surprised us all.

DH and I and my little bro are driving home for Christmas, and will stop on our way back home to visit her and check out her new digs. I'm excited to see her in better shape than I saw her last - when I really thought it was the last time I'd ever see her.

I'm told that Hospice brought her a new scooter so that she can get around on her own and not rely on the help to bring her to dinner and back (since they left her for two hours after dinner one night, and that's completely unacceptable in my book). So now she scoots around on her scooter and has a little more independence that way. She's getting her hair done at the little salon in the building, and she even has made a couple new friends and started playing Bingo.

I'm happy to hear she's doing so well, and adjusting to her new situation. I wish it didn't have to be that way, but she seems resolved to be OK with it and that's what matters.


Sugar Plum Fairy - a New Digital Paper Kit

I just had a blast with these papers! (you can probably tell) There are 30 fabulous papers in this kit. They feature fanciful fairies, drifting snowflakes, and lovely swirls. It's a great kit for any wintery or snow pages, or for little girl pages, or for your annual trip to the Nutcracker (or performance in it). Many of the papers are "snowless" so they can be used year-round.

This kit, and everything else in the store, is 40% OFF until Christmas day. So get them while they're hot!

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Let me know what you think! If you like the papers, I'll put together an accessory pack.

WOW! Another Freebie!

This one is really fun. These were made to coordinate with my "Old Time Christmas" kit that you can get at 40% OFF at DigiDiner. I just love lables like this. One is a little grungy for an urban feel, the other is all sugar and spice. Lots of fun!

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Christmas Accessory Pack

I loved the Old Time Christmas kit so much, that I had to play with it some more and came up with this great accessory pack. This is now included in the original kit when purchased at the DigiDiner store. OR you can buy just this set on it's own for $1.00. The tags took me loads of time, so it's well worth it.

You can get the full kit, with the new accessory pack,

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Thanks for checking in!


A Great Christmas Kit

I just love this color combo! Totally inspired by the vintage postcard that is included in this kit. Comes with 15 richly textured Christmas themed papers (and a few that are not themed that could be used for anything), 1 vintage postcard, 1 aged journalspot, 4 rippled ribbon corners, and 10 different glitter snowflakes in matching colors. It's a new twist on the old fashioned Christmas.

You can find the entire kit at DigiDiner HERE.


Another Christmas Freebie

Well, these two don't exactly go hand in hand like the last two, but they're cute just the same. :) A funky embroidered christmas tree, and a velvet one that looks like it's been heat stamped or embossed.

You can get them HERE.