Lousy Crop

Signed up for a crop for Saturday. I was so excited to go because it was a new store location, really nice facilities, and I was hoping to meet some other nice scrappers.

So I show up, and there is one other lady there setting up her stuff. She looked nice enough, so I asked if she was saving any places. "Not really" So I said, would it be OK if I sat here? "I guess" (hm. real freindly.)

So she left the table and went out into the store. When she came back, she had two friends with her. She promptly packed all of her things and they set up at another table, leaving me abandoned.

Keep in mind, there are 4 places to sit at each crop table.

They never spoke a word to me, but rather, kept whispering to eachother and looking at me suspiciously as if I was eavesdropping.

Why do women treat eachother so poorly? I guess I have just been very lucky to have met the women I have in this industry. I always try to be welcoming to new scrapbookers I haven't met, and have always been welcomed just as warmly. Perhaps I've just been very lucky up to this point.


A Small Kindness

An elderly man walked into my office today, looking tired and a little worse for wear. (It's a tough neighborhood, a lot of depressed areas... and people. I never know what I'll get when the door opens.) He was working at the construction site next door. He asked if there was a store close by. I told him there was but it wasn't open until 10. He looked extremely disappointed, so I asked what was wrong. He explained that he was diabetic, and had forgotten his lunch at home. His wife could no longer drive to bring it to him. The other man working at the site could not spare anything. I told him I had plenty of snacks, and offered him something to boost his blood sugar. He thanked me, and went back to work.

Sure made me feel good to be able to help him out, if even in such a small way. And I'm really glad I keep plenty of healthy snacks on hand! :)

Have you helped a random stranger lately? Leave your comments/stories here.


A Special Thank You

I'm sure I've mentioned my lack of scrapping in the past few months. I've been extremely busy with a wedding, a book, and just life in general. So of course scrapping is the first thing to be put off.

Somewhere in the past 5 to 6 months, even when I WAS scrapping, I was beginning to feel like I was lost. Like I'd been struggling to find myself. I tried to step back, out of myself and my perspective, to examine what it was that was throwing me off my usual groove.

It took a special person, a stranger to me, to step up and offer the help I needed to get myself up out of that rut so I could find my style again. She came forward and volunteered to give the help I'd been needing.

Thanks to her, I am feeling back in the swing of things. And I feel more than ever like I have sunk into my style and found my true groove.

Thanks, Niki, for reminding me of the simple things I knew all along, but had lost along the way. You're a lifesaver! :)