The World's Gone Digital

Canon announced that they will no longer produce new models of SLR Film cameras. They will continue to produce their current models, as supply demands, but we will cease to see any new technology from Canon in film cameras. Canon follows Nikon's announcement of the same information earlier this year.

An article from Yahoo News stated "Japanese camera makers sold a combined total 64.77 million digital cameras last year globally, compared with 5.38 million film cameras, according to industry figures." Article

It is obvious where the industry is headed. Digital is easier, and appeals to the NOW attitude so prevalent today. People want instant gratification. I'll admit, seeing my photograph seconds after I take it has a definite appeal to me. And yes, I was one of those 64.77 million last year.

But could this be to the detriment of the fine art of photography? There are still those die hards who steadfastly stand by their film methods and claim there is no match in the digital realm. Is that true? With all the recent advances in digital? Could even the trained eye tell the difference between a photograph taken by a digital vs a film camera? Perhaps. But it's getting ever more difficult, and technology is a freight train that cannot be stopped.


Dearly Departed...

I'm feeling very sad today. During my trip to Jamaica, my kitty escaped to the big wide world. I'm afraid he has not returned. I fear that the local coyotes have taken another prize. This comes just 7 months after losing my other kitty to the same sad demise. I'm just heartbroken. How does one become so attached to a furry critter? I guess it doesn't matter how, but that I was. And I miss them both so terribly.

I can't help but feel guilty for bringing them out to the country, where terrible things could happen to them. And yet, I know how happy it made them to prowl in the grass, chase bugs and mice, roll in the dirt and bask in the sunshine. My only reprise is that they had a good life, and were happy with us for their time here.


Paradise Found!

Well, the wedding is finally over, and so is the honeymoon. (large, collective "awww")

Jamaica was incredible! What an amazing, and much needed, trip. We were pampered like royalty. Great food, plenty of fattening pina coladas, massages, scuba diving, beach lounging... Paradise.

Here are just a few pictures of our fabulous trip.


The Tutorial that Saved My Life!

well... not literally, but this tutorial and site have saved me many a time. And after putting Layout Blueprints in the works, and seeing/hearing how many are afraid to stitch layouts, I realized I HAVE to share this with everyone. So here it is. Please, read it, learn it, use it. It will make your life so much easier. And if you don't use Photoshop, they have other fantastic tutorials for other software programs. Just search the site.