New Grab Bag!

This one is chocked full of vintage and "found object" type things. Papers, alphas, and lots of embellishments. You'll love it!

Get it at DigiDiner: HERE


Chicks Rule Easter Kit

Aren't chicks cute? These ones are! It's a new Easter themed, or girly themed kit. You can get it at DigiDiner here: Chicks Rule! Kit


Baby Update

Well, baby is VERY active and obviously training to be the next Olympic gold medal gymnast. We are officially 3 months away now, and I'm feeling very anxious. In many ways.

I've started clearing out my scrap room (GASP) so I can start making the transformation from scrap room to baby room. It's not easy, since I don't yet have a new scrap room, but my husband's constant promises of a new - LARGE - scraproom with a view have kept me motivated. :) Meanwhile, I took down my "inspiration board" so that I could paint the mural I've had in my head for months.

With no room to really decorate, my creativity has been stifled a bit, but my shopping instinct has kicked in - BIG TIME. I hit IKEA for the first time (Gasp again) and found some cute buys there. Hard to find anything in my colors, because everything is so bright and primary. My colors are soft yellow and green. We're keeping it neutral since we've decided (OK, so my husband really decided) not to find out the gender. Besides, the frugal side of me figures we can reuse everything for kid #2. Anyway... I almost completely outfitted the room as far as linens. I bought a crib bumper, crib sheets, crib duvee cover, pillows, curtains, and a darling canopy that DH says is too feminine. It's white sheer with stitched green lines and green leaves. How is that too feminine? It's baby. Period. :)

So, after IKEA, I hit Babies R Us and finally special ordered the glider rocker and ottomon that I've been wanting since we first found out I was pregnant. It's large enough for my husband to actually rest his head, and cushy enough that I'll probably catch many a Z in it myself. I special ordered it in white wood finish with a fabulous green cushion cover. I'm so stoked that they had a matching color.