Layout Blueprints 2 NOW SHIPPING!

It's finally here! And it's GORGEOUS! (if I do say so myself) Here's the post from the BlueMedia blog:

Layout Blueprints 2 has arrived in our warehouse!

We are now shipping Layout Blueprints 2. If you placed a pre-order, be assured that pre-orders have begun shipping and you will soon see your copy.

If you haven't placed your order yet, you'd better get it in. This is a limited print run. Hurry and get your order in today! Don't miss your opportunity!


If you like sketches, page maps, and Blueprints, this is the book for you! And don't forget the first book, too!


Trying to avoid bedrest

Well good grief anyway...

Tuesday afternoon at work I started having cramps. I tried to ignore it and figured it would go away. Then back pain. Then serious pressure... Time to leave work. Things got worse in the car and I was stuck in terrible traffic. This had been going on for over 2 hours. Called the doc, and they told me to get to the hospital ASAP. (I'm 31 weeks, yikes.) Well, by the time I got to the hospital everything had calmed down. But they still monitored me until the small contractions on the monitor stopped.

So... I was put on bedrest for 24 hours. No action during that time, so I'm back to regular life thank goodness! But I've cut back my hours at work, and will not be lifting anything over 10 lbs from here on out.

Dang. It's gonna be really hard to slow down...