Addicted to Submitting?

I have been




I am now just two weeks away from my wedding, and all the little details are about to drive me insane. Seriously, they will have to commit me to the funny farm after this.

What I've noticed in the past few weeks, is that my focus in other areas of my life has caused me to sacrifice scrapbooking, and in turn, submitting. As calls go out for all the Design Teams, and magazines, and contests, I feel my heart sink slightly. Oh, I'm excited for those who got the call, but it is also a reminder of what I'm missing and how much I NEED to scrapbook.

Yes, NEED. It has gotten to that point. And that is when I realized.... I'm a scrapbooking, submitting, addict! Oh my gosh! Between that and the digital photo addiction... I'm desitned for an intervention. Let me tell you, though, nobody will stand between me and my scrapbooking!

Just two more weeks... no, wait... THREE! Aaaagh! I have a honeymoon to go on, too! Oh no. I don't think I can make it that long. I seriously need some alone time with my supplies. I'm craving it. I need it to keep me sane. Oh how I wish there were more hours in the day!



I seem to be doing a lot of animal related layouts lately. Maybe because they are like kids to me. Maybe I just need kids! haha These are two of my favorite most recent layouts. They just happen to both use primarily 3 Bugs in a Rug papers and products.

Meet Dusty. He's my future Mother-in-law's horse. He never gets ridden, or brushed, or anything. And it just breaks my heart (being the horse-loving Montana girl). He's just like a dog. He'll follow you anywhere, loves to be pet, and acts silly to get attention.
Meet my special needs child, Indy. My fiance's black lab. He's a handful, but a good dog, and loves to have his picture taken (if he can sit still long enough). I usually get nice blurry action shots of him.


Self Promotion: Tip #2

Last time we talked about putting a resume together. Second in the self promotion series and perhaps even more important is Tip number 2.

Set goals. Without a clear goal, you will be floundering in the industry with no direction, throwing your work at anything that moves. This is both unproductive and inefficient. When you set clear goals, you have a destination. You have something to reach for.

Let's say you decide you want to be on a Manufacturer's Design Team. That's a lofty goal, but attainable. So, what steps do you need to take to get there? You should try to get on a LSS team, or an online store team, and gain some experience. Set goals to meet the requirements of your larger goals.


That Photo Bug

I just love taking pictures! I always have. But since I got my Canon Digital Rebel, I can't seem to stop.

I love zooming. I'm addicted to it, really. I just love the look of those close-in shots. My favorite close-in shots are the candids - the ones they didn't know you were taking. THAT is why I love my zoom so much. I can be the stealth photographer, lurking in the shadows. SNAP! SNAP! Another hapless victim to the crazed digi chick. Mwahahaaa!

My poor nephews will never again see my face. It will forever be hidden behind the lens. At least they are old enough to distinguish that it is only a camera, and not actually a large penetrating black eye protruding from my forehead at them. Whereas if they were younger, they may never recognize that fact.

*SIGH* Hello, my name is Amy. I'm a digi-addict.


Wedding Histeria

Yes, I've finally entered it. I have 33 days left, and it's just now hitting me how fast that will actually go.

I have so much to do, and so little time. There are so many demands on my time this month. Holy smokes. I'm so relieved that I don't have any Design Team work this month. Boy did I time that right! haha.

Well, better get to it! I'm a busy lady!