The Great Home Expansion

We've been deep in a home remodel and expansion for months now, in anticipation of the baby's arrival. With the arrival date looming, work is progressing quickly and my poor husband is working himself stupid to try and get things buttoned up before baby arrives.

The first phase of the project was getting a floor laid for the expansion. We had planned to build a second floor over the bar and workshop areas, only part of which had an existing second floor, with minimal head clearance. So after the floor was laid, we would need to raise the roof. Literally cut the roof off the house, raise it 4 feet, and fill in the open sides with walls. Easy right? HA!

This is an animation I created of the actual roof raising. It was quite an endeavor, but went very smoothly, and with no injuries to the work crew, which was important to us obviously.

The interior now has walls, a bathtub, plumbing, and electrical. All that's left now is the insulation, drywall, and fixtures. Well... and flooring of course, but that's not essential yet.

I was hoping to see the drywall contractors tomorrow, but now it sounds like they won't be able to come til the end of the week. Nothing like waiting until the last possible minute. The idea was to finish at least the back bedroom so that we'd have a space for my folks to stay when they arrive on the 7th (next weekend), but with the drywallers not arriving until then, it's a slim chance in you-know-where. Oh well... at least there's visible progress, and soon I'll have a baby room.