Macky Cheese Please!

Last night I made mac and cheese for Wyatt for dinner, with the intention that he would most likely need a bath afterward. So I left him to his own devices while I tended to my homemade chicken soup in the kitchen. When he was done he let me know by banging on his tray. So I go into the dining room to find him, coated in cheese sauce, and happy as a clam. I started laughing so hard that he started laughing. Until his eyes started to seal shut. That's when I had to compose myself and get him into the tub. It took forever to get it out of his eyelashes, nostrils, ears, hair and every other crack and crevice he could reach. He still smells like cheese sauce, but at least I think I got it all.

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Keitha said...

Hi Amy,
I have a copy of Layout Blueprints 2 and would love to get the first book also. But none of the links to Blue Media seem to be active - can you tell me where/how I can buy a copy of your first book? I find the one I have an invaluable resource, and would love to get the other one also.
Thanks much!